🌐 Global Expansion Expedition 🌍

🌐 Global Expansion Expedition 🌍

Situation: A fast-growing e-commerce company is expanding into new international markets. The project involves adapting the platform for local languages and currencies, establishing new supply chain and logistics networks, and navigating diverse legal and cultural landscapes.
Best Approach:

Use the PMBOK’s project charter and scope management processes to clearly define the project’s objectives, deliverables, and constraints for each target market.
Apply PRINCE2’s principle of “manage by exception” to empower local teams while maintaining central oversight and control.
Implement ISO 9001 quality management standards to ensure consistent customer experience across all markets.
Leverage the DMAIC process from Six Sigma to continuously improve localization efforts and optimize international operations.
Establish a robust stakeholder engagement plan (PMBOK) to build relationships with key partners, regulators, and influencers in each new market.

At Acute PMC, we have deep experience in helping companies successfully navigate the complexities of global expansion. Our team brings a global mindset and a flexible PM approach to help you adapt and thrive in new markets.

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