🏭 Efficiency Engineer 🏭

🏭 Efficiency Engineer 🏭

Situation: A manufacturing company is experiencing significant delays and cost overruns in its production line expansion project. The project involves coordinating multiple contractors, procuring specialized equipment, and integrating new processes into the existing workflow. The company’s leadership is concerned about the impact on their market competitiveness and profitability.

Best Approach:

Conduct a thorough project audit using the PRINCE2 methodology to identify the root causes of delays and cost overruns
Implement Lean Six Sigma techniques to streamline processes and reduce waste
Utilize the Critical Path Method (CPM) to optimize the project schedule and resource allocation
Establish clear communication channels and a RACI matrix to ensure accountability and collaboration among all stakeholders
Develop a comprehensive risk management plan following the ISO 31000 standard to mitigate potential issues

At Acute PMC, we help you become an efficiency engineer for your projects. Our expertise in combining best practices from various methodologies ensures that your projects are optimized for success.

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