Project Management Consulting

"Delivering Excellence, Project After Project"

At Acute Project Management Consulting (Acute PMC), we specialize in offering superior project management consulting services that are designed to streamline your processes, optimize your resources, and drive your projects towards success. Our services are customized to address your unique business needs, ensuring that you achieve your objectives on time and within budget.


Our Services

Project Health Checks and Audits

- Acute PMC's project health checks and audits offer an objective and comprehensive evaluation of your project's health. We focus on identifying potential risks, issues, and opportunities for improvement. With our findings, we recommend actionable strategies to enhance your project's performance and align it with your business goals.

Project Management Office (PMO) Setup and Optimization

- We assist organizations in setting up and optimizing a Project Management Office (PMO) to centralize project management practices and enhance project delivery efficiency. From designing PMO structures to establishing governance processes, we ensure your PMO delivers value and facilitates project success.

Project Rescue and Recovery

- Projects can sometimes veer off track. Acute PMC is adept at intervening in such projects, diagnosing the issues at hand, and implementing robust recovery plans. Our project recovery services focus on bringing your project back on track, while minimizing disruption and additional costs.

Project Management Training and Capability Development

Our project management training and capability development programs are designed to enhance your team's project management skills. We offer custom training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions that cover a range of project management methodologies and best practices.

Strategic Project Advisory

Acute PMC provides strategic project advisory services to guide your project decisions. From project feasibility studies to project portfolio management and risk assessments, our advisory services align your projects with your strategic objectives and enhance project outcomes.

Why Choose Acute PMC?

At Acute PMC, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge, industry experience, and commitment to our clients’ success. Our approach is not only to offer advice but also to work closely with your team, ensuring we build capacity and leave you with sustainable project management practices. Choose us for project management consulting that exceeds expectations and delivers results.

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