Project Planning & Execution

Through our services, we aim to establish a new benchmark for excellence in project management, enabling businesses to reach their project goals effectively and efficiently. Trust in ACUTE PMC to bring your vision to life with precision, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to your success. At Acute Project Management Consulting (ACUTE PMC), our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their project goals through expert project management support. Our experienced consultants provide a full range of services, from project planning to execution, to ensure your project is a success from start to finish. By combining industry expertise with proven methodologies, we deliver a tailored approach to project management that aligns with your unique business needs and goals.

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Expert Project Management

Our team of certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) is adept in handling critical and high-priority projects, leveraging specialized knowledge in technology, healthcare, and government sectors. They come equipped with extensive experience in various project management methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and PRINCE2. Our experts provide not just oversight but also strategic guidance, helping you navigate the intricacies of project management and avoid potential pitfalls.

Timely Project Delivery

ACUTE PMC understands that for any project, timely delivery is of the essence. We excel at prioritizing tasks and resources to ensure project milestones are met within tight deadlines. Our unique approach to project management and our utilization of proprietary tools, allows us to swiftly make informed decisions, implement agile responses to changing circumstances, and keep your project on track, always aiming for timely completion.

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Budget Management and Control

At ACUTE PMC, we’re dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in project management. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and our strategic growth vision underscore our unique selling proposition. We focus on enhancing your business’s stock value through streamlined project management processes, operational efficiency, and strategic planning.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

At ACUTE PMC, we’re dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in project management. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and our strategic growth vision underscore our unique selling proposition. We focus on enhancing your business’s stock value through streamlined project management processes, operational efficiency, and strategic planning.


Expert Risk Management Best Practices

  • Our approach to risk management, coupled with our unique problem-solving expertise, proprietary analysis methods, and relentless drive to action, provides a strong and proactive stand against project risks. ACUTE PMC doesn’t just manage your risks—we transform them into powerful allies that propel your project towards success. Trust in our expertise to turn risk management from a daunting task into a strategic advantage. Venturing into new territories brings inherent uncertainties and risks in any project. However, at ACUTE PMC, we believe these uncertainties house opportunities waiting to be leveraged strategically. Our industry-leading risk management methodologies turn these perceived hurdles into stepping stones towards project success. We don’t just manage risks; we transmute them into strategic advantages.
  • Proactive Risk Identification: Our journey towards successful risk management begins with comprehensive risk identification. Using advanced techniques such as brainstorming, SWOT analysis, expert interviews, and applying lessons learned from past projects, we thoroughly investigate every aspect of your project. This meticulous scrutiny allows us to uncover potential risks, ensuring full awareness and preparation for any uncertainties in your project’s landscape.
  • Precise Risk Assessment: With risks identified, we delve into their assessment. This stage involves both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses to estimate the potential impact and likelihood of each risk. We derive insights into risk probability and impact assessment, enabling informed decision-making and prioritization of risks based on their potential effects on your project.
  • Strategic Risk Response Development: Developing response strategies for the identified and assessed risks is our next step. At ACUTE PMC, we hold a conviction that not all risks should be avoided—some can be harnessed for their unexpected benefits. As part of our approach, we formulate risk response strategies including acceptance, avoidance, mitigation, or transference of risks. We guide you to make informed decisions on the most suitable strategy, depending on the nature and potential impact of each risk.
  • Effective Risk Response Implementation: Implementing the devised risk response strategies is crucial. This process is intricately woven into project planning and execution phases to ensure a robust defense against potential uncertainties. With our professional guidance, these risk responses are incorporated seamlessly, allowing your project to stand resilient in the face of risks.
  • Continuous Risk Monitoring and Control: Risk management at ACUTE PMC is not a one-off affair but a continuous process that spans throughout the project lifecycle. We offer tools and methodologies for tracking identified risks, monitoring residual risks, identifying new risks, and evaluating the effectiveness of risk processes. This vigilance allows your project to stay on track and adapt to any arising uncertainties.
Typical Consulting Agency ApproachAcute PMC’s Approach

Rigid and inflexible. They expect you to do things ‘their way’

We are flexible. We review the situation and suggest options tailored for your organisation.

Focused on the specific engagement they have been assigned to..

We have a partnership mentality and adopt a long term view, working with you to improve capability across your organisation.

Aren’t selective with which organisations they work with.

We seek out customers with a culture and values that are aligned. The right fit ensures better results, faster with less risk to you.

Are generalists who work across a variety of industries and specialities.

Projects are all we do! We are focused on being experts who provide high-quality solutions to deliver lasting results.

How Much Does Consulting Services Cost?

Acute PMC is dedicated to offering value-driven and cost-effective elite project consulting and delivery services. Our pricing structure is designed to suit the varied needs and complexities of your project, ensuring you receive high-quality service at a fair cost. Here are our three types of fee agreements:

Time-Based Fees: This approach is most suitable for flexible, ongoing consulting services such as Team Augmentation and Project Management Office (PMO) setup and support. In this model, fees are determined based on the time our consultants spend on your project. This offers flexibility and ensures you’re paying only for the actual services delivered.  Hourly, daily, or Weekly Rates available.

Capped Time-Based Fees: This agreement is ideal for projects that require a more predictable budget, yet retain the flexibility of a time-based model. Here, the fees are based on the time spent by our consultants, but with an agreed-upon maximum limit. This is particularly suited for services like Agile Coaching, Process Improvement, and Project Management Training where the scope might adjust, but within a contained budget.

Fixed Price: This model is best suited for well-defined projects or services, such as Critical Project Recovery, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning, or Project Planning and Strategy Design. Under this agreement, we set a fixed price for the entirety of the project or service, providing you with certainty about your investment.

Our fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement to ensure transparency and clarity about estimated costs and deliverables. We believe in building trusted relationships with our clients, and that begins with clear and fair pricing.  Price will be calculated based on the total estimated work and resources needed for your endeavor.

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